Albacore Tuna

$26.95 /lb

  • Sustainably Wild Caught
  • Fresh and Never Frozen
  • #1 Sushi Grade Albacore
  • Free from any color-treatment or carbon monoxide of any kind


Looking for another great choice for sashimi or sushi rolls? Check out our highest quality Fresh Albacore Tuna. Sustainably Wild Caught, each fish is carefully graded and inspected to assure the highest #1 Grade Albacore Tuna for optimal customer experience. Each fish is cut fresh and arrives to your home completely boneless and skinless for easy preparation. This Tuna is Sashimi Grade, and ready to slice and eat even upon arrival. Albacore is one of the more heart-healthy fish known for it’s light flaky texture, that’s low in fat yet high in protein and nutrients. Some Albacore on the market has been previously frozen and/or color treated to disguise the freshness of the fish. Our Tuna is All-Natural, Never Frozen and free from any Color-Treatment or Carbon Monoxide Treatment of any kind. What arrives is exactly what you get froma freshly caught wild Albacore. This Tuna is an excellent choice for Sushi-Lovers wanting to experience the highest quality sashimi grade Albacore themselves in the comfort of their home. Though great for sushi, Albacore can also be smoked, grilled or broiled to suit your culinary preference.


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