Black Cod

$26.95 /lb

  • Buttery and delicate flavor
  • Sustainably Wild-Caught
  • Locally caught off Coast of California
  • Most popularly prepared with Miso Glaze
  • Also great bake, grilled, or broil.
  • Skin on fillet
  • Easy to remove bones once cooked


A Cod like no other. Get ready to sink your fork into some of the most moist, succulent white fleshed cod you’ve ever experienced. Black Cod is one of the finest, buttery and delicate flavored fish around. Sustainably Wild-Caught off the Coast of California, this fish is as fresh as it gets – right out of the ocean, filleted, and delivered to your homes. Indulge yourselves in some of the highest levels of Omega 3’s only a black cod could ever offer. Due to the high oil content, it is almost impossible to overcook! Most customer experiences favor this fish broiled with a Miso Glaze, but also excellently prepared bake, grilled, broiled, or roasted. Each package upon purchase is filleted with the skin on. These fillets have pin bones that are released and can easily be removed once fish is cooked.


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