Fatty Bluefin Tuna

$42.95 /lb

  • Sushi Grade
  • Fresh, Never Frozen
  • No color treatment
  • Skinless and Bloodless steak


Fresh and Never Frozen – Here at Dry Dock, we select the highest grade Bluefin Tuna for our customers. Tuna is graded according ot five indicators based on appearance, size and shape, color, texture and fat content. You will find this Sushi-Fresh Premium Cut selected at its peak freshness, with he optimal amount of visible marbled fat content. Naturally right in color and flavor, this is a prize when seeking an excellent sushi or sashimi experience. Many Tunas on the market have been previously frozen and/or color-treated to maintain a more aesthetic red tint to disguise the freshness of the fish. Our Tuna is 100% natural, never frozen and free from any color treatment or Carbon Monoxide treatment of any kind. We like to offer our customers complete transparency on their seafood purchasing. What you see is exactly what you get. Enjoy this fatty Bluefin premium cut as sliced sashimi, added to your favorite homemade sushi rolls, or over a quick sear for optimal customer satisfaction.


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