Local Halibut Fresh Wild

$29.95 /lb available on subscription

  • Sustainably Wild Caught California
  • Mild and Flaky translucent white meat
  • Delicate flavor and firm texture
  • Skin-on Halibut Fillet
  • Leaner fish, low in fat, yet still high in nutrients
  • Great for baking, broiling, steamed or grilling

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Sustainably caught off the coast of California, you can’t get your hands on Wild Halibut any fresher than this. Right off the boat from local fishermen, filleted in our shop, and delivered straight to your home. With a perfect Mild and Flaky translucent white meat, Halibut is known for it’s delicate flavor and firm texture. Each package contains a thick fillet of Halibut with the skin-on for easy customer preparation upon delivery. Halibut is a leaner fish, low in fat, yet still high in nutrients – making a great protein for all consumers. These fillets hold their shape well, and can be prepared in a variety of ways including baking, broiling, steamed or grilling.


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