Diver Scallops Fresh U8 – Maine

$49.95 /lb

  • Fresh Never Frozen
  • Wild Caught
  • Sushi Grade
  • Dry Packed (No Chemical Treatment)
  • Under 8-10 (Usually about 5-7) Sea Scallops per lb
  • Each Scallop about 2″ in diameter

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Get your hands on the finest Wild Sea Scallops on the market. Caught Fresh, Never Frozen. Always Wild, and never Farm Raised. These Scallops are harvested from deep, cold sea waters all year round.. and arrive from a federally managed Sustainable Fishery. Here at Dry Dock, we believe in full transparency of the high quality products we are providing to our consumers. We choose to seek and supply “Dry” Packed Scallops – This means, you’re getting EXACTLY what you’re paying for – Indulging yourself in a Large, Natural, Sweet and Meaty Sea Scallop. A high percentage of scallops sold on the market are “soaked” in a chemical solutions to make them artificially swell much larger and even colored then they naturally are. We disapprove of these practices, and only choose to provide to you a wild, fresh, sushi-grade “DRY” Sea Scallop. Natural Scallops are subject to color variation, and can range from a light cream to a slightly tan color. Each package will arrive with Under 8 (Usually about 5-7) Sea Scallops per lb, with each Scallop ranging around 2″ in Diameter.. and sometimes even larger. These Scallops are ideal for Sashimi, or a short cook time with a quick Pan-Sear, Skewered on the Grill, or Poaching.


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