Sushi Salmon (ctr cut)

$22.95 /lb

  • Fresh, Never Frozen
  • Sushi Grade Sustainable Salmon
  • Rich, Buttery Flavor
  • Great served raw for sashimi or sushi
  • Perfect for bake, broil, saute or on the grill


Here at Dry Dock Fish Co. We offer the highest quality Sushi-Grade Salmon. This Atlantic variety is Sustainably Farmed in nets off the coast of Faroe Islands with minimal interference, No antibiotics and no use of hormones or steroids. Our Sushi-Grade Fresh, Never Frozen fillets arrive boneless with the skin-on, ready for preparation of your preference. Each fillet is guaranteed to be heavily marbled with the Omega 3’s and DHA your body craves. Can be enjoyed Raw, or perfect for bake, broil, saute or on the grill!

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  1. Avatar for Sammy L

    Sammy L

    My husband and I make sure to find a farmers market where Dry Dock will be selling this salmon EVERY single time we are in SoCal. The taste and texture are unbeatable. Perfect every time.

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